October 22, 2010

It depends on how you look at it...

This little tidbit is short but sweet, just like my eight-year-old pictured above.  If our child wants to wear his shirt backwards, we let him.  We would handle it differently if it were laziness, defiance, or just lacking the knowledge of the difference between forwards and backwards.  But in this case... this t-shirt was a freebie at his dad’s “Take Your Kid to Work Day” event in the spring.  Our son and his twin brother both have this shirt and love it, and though they are opposites in every other way, they completely agree that the robot belongs on the front.  The real front simply has the company’s name in small print.  This does not impress them, but robots always will.  So on the front they must be worn.  Upon reaching adulthood and for the rest of their lives they’ll be compelled to be conventional in their clothing most of the time.  We say let them have their fun now.  Besides, big robots are cooler than small letters.  Who could argue that point?
In our little world here, we’ve learned to try not to make a big deal out of little things.  Perspective is important.   We try to consider how our child sees a situation before we react instinctively and think the worst.  (This is not something we always succeed at… ask our kids!)  It’s easy to make assumptions about our children’s motives and behavior, but by getting at the heart of it first, by taking a breath and asking a good question or two, we can glean information that will help us handle things appropriately.
So if your little one walks by with a shirt tag scratching the front of his neck, I recommend taking an extra moment, and seeing which side of his or her shirt looks the nicest.  I personally think my boys just may be on to something…  perhaps I’ll even examine my own wardrobe with a fresh perspective!


  1. Hooray for Zac! I agree the robot should be on the front. Backwards shirts are fun. I have to draw the line on sneakers with holes in them at chapel! Sitting in the pew realizing your youngest son has worn his old "holey" sneakers to chapel, with his toes poking out on the sides is not a good way to start remembering the Lord:)

  2. How do you know what questions to ask?! Oh Lord, please help me to remember to take a moment to breath before correcting, that I can see things through her eyes, and re-direct as necessary, not just on my preferences.
    Love to you all!

  3. Thanks for that vote of confidence, Shona! I'm with you on the shoes... and I've been there!

    Lori, you'll just know... I can't tell you what the right questions are. But as your baby girl grows and you get to know her better and better, you'll know what to ask in this moments. You're a great mom!