November 17, 2010

Hello and goodbye...

This past weekend we said hello to old friends and goodbye to new ones.  The above photo was taken at Baskin-Robbins, where friendships are strengthened and enjoyed over ice cream.  This picture is filled with the smiling faces of our kids, our wonderful new friends who were about to move out of state, and one special old friend visiting from New York.  Yes, every person in the picture was with us.  Our families took over that Baskin-Robbins and claimed it as our own.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve lived down south for about two years now.  We’ve met some great families in that short time.  Among them was the family now moving out of state, seen sprinkled among the photos below, just a sample of the good times we’ve shared.  The dad of the family introduced us to flying, the mom has been generous and helpful to us, and the kids are friendly and fun, ranging in age from three to seventeen, but all enjoying the company of all our kids no matter what their ages.  Times we spent with this family were laughter-filled and exciting for the kids, and full of good conversation for the adults.  We have a common faith, which is a precious bond, and always had lots of great things to do and talk about together.  We will miss them.

We had the privilege to spend time with them at Baskin-Robbins and back at their home the day before they left, a chance to say a too-soon goodbye, and along for the fun was our young New York visitor.  Will is our son Scott’s friend from New York.  His family came down to our area this past weekend to visit friends of theirs, and allowed him to instead come stay with us, just as they had last year under the same circumstances.  These two had a great time hanging around and catching up with each other, but that was no surprise.  William, as we called him when he was little, or Yum-yum, as Scott called him when they were babies, has been a lifelong friend, so it was nice for Scott to get a chance to spend time with him last year and this year, if only for a few days.  The rest of us enjoyed having him here too.  Our younger kids think he’s cool and hilarious, and my husband and I think he’s kindhearted and a lot of fun to have around.

Scott and William, kindergarten cowboys

Will and Scott, cowboy days behind, now equipped with iPods

It’s a universal truth that kids love to be with other kids.  It was hard for our kids to leave New York and their friends, especially for Scott, who was twelve at the time.  They have all found lots of friends where we’ve moved to, and they were very sad to see some of them leave this past weekend.  But through all these transitions, we have been able to point out to them something that may sound cold at first: friends come and go.  That isn’t meant to diminish the important part friends play in our lives, but it’s the premise for the next half of the lesson: family is forever.  Those friends of ours moving out of state are beginning the next part of their life in a new place, where they will make new friends, for sure, but will enjoy the adventure together as a family.  Will and his family remain in New York, where their life is.   
And we Wilburs are here, enjoying our still-somewhat-new adventure together in the Wilburness.    We love for our kids to play with other kids, and we enjoy good conversation with other adults when we have opportunity, but for us, friends are rightfully secondary to family.  The security of family we try to emphasize with our kids makes those goodbyes to friends just a little bit easier.
Just the same, we’ll miss you, our Baskin-Robbins friends.  Y’all come back now, ya hear?  And Will, we’ll see you next time!

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  1. I'm encourage to see this post. I've been telling my girls that exact thing over the past year. At times, I've wondered if it is too cold - even though it is the truth. So I'm glad to know I'm not the only mom saying this.