November 29, 2010

Inspired by the dishes...

It’s Not-So-Extreme Makeover Day here at this little blog.  I felt it was time to say goodbye to that dandelion-in-the-wind background I started out with and freshen things up a little.  Since my computer skills and the options on this free blogger website are both limited, it’s not as revolutionary a change as I might like, but it’s something new and different that reflects my taste within the confines of those limitations.
I love to improve the look of things, especially if it’s taking a step toward something more personalized.  When we moved into our current home, few rooms were painted a color besides white, and the color choices were decidedly not my taste.  Over the course of two years I’ve painted eleven of our rooms, with a few left to go.  All the color selections on our main floor stem from the colors in my china pattern, Summer Chintz by Johnson Brothers.  Some design team at Johnson Brothers worked very hard to coordinate the colors of the flowers on those dishes.  I’m more than happy to benefit from their effort and expertise.  So as you walk from room to room in my home, the colors on my walls flow well from one to another, and my dishes look at home in every room, freeing me to not just serve food on them, but decorate with them also.

My inspiration
You don’t have to be a color expert to select paint.  If you walk into the paint department at a home improvement store without a plan, it can be overwhelming when you see the myriad of choices.  But if you have some special item you know will be central to the room you’re redoing, like a bedspread, or a throw pillow from your sofa, the helpful people there can copy the shade you want for you right from your object.

And if you have some multicolored object that you love as much as I love my fancy-schmancy dishes, you can transform your whole home with color choices that automatically blend and suit each other as well as you.  Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers someone sent you, or an old plaid coat of your grandfather’s, or the packaging of one of your favorite foods, look for something that has colors you like already coordinated for you in one place.  Head to the paint department, and bring a little new life to the look of your home.  It doesn’t have to be done all at once; gather the paint chips and take it a step at a time.  Before you know it, you’ll be surrounded by colors you love, the perfect backdrop for adding more personal touches to your home.

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