November 6, 2010

It's no Sabatini's, but it'll do...

Pizza night once a week is a tradition my husband Joe grew up with.  His mom’s side of the family is pure Italian, through and through, so at the risk of stereotyping, and with great love and respect, I must tell you they know their pizza.  Joe’s hometown in Pennsylvania has a pizza shop on every corner it seems, and his family would make their rounds among them on a weekly basis, narrowing it down to only the best.  To this day at family gatherings with them, the conversation will often turn at some point to the age-old question of who makes the best pizza in town.  I’m at a loss to participate and therefore just listen, being both from out of town and of mostly Scottish heritage (an immediate disqualifier) but I find their criteria and the debate intriguing.
Then poor Joe moved away from Pizzaville to upstate New York for college as a young man, and stayed in the area for me.  We searched for a decent pizza place for him in the years we lived there, and settled on one that would do, Krony’s in Hamlin, but it was no Sabatini’s (his personal hometown favorite.)

Now we live in the South.  Y’all are wonderful folks here, but your pizza is about as good as grits in the North would be.  Nevertheless, we’ve managed to find a pizza place, Jerry’s, with all the fun the kids are after and pizza that Joe can tolerate.  (For the record, this non-Italian thinks it's good.)  Once a week we carry on the family tradition and have our pizza night.  We place our order at the counter, and then head to the soda fountain where our younger kids enjoy pouring their own drinks, making concoctions of several different flavors, and discussing amongst themselves what the best combination is.  Remind you of anybody?
Then it’s back to the table where we wait for our number to be called to come get our pizza from the front counter, along with some paper plates.  Once we all have our slices, it’s time to each add our own dashes of extra garlic, crushed red peppers, and oregano to taste.  We polish off two larges in no time at all, and most times, top it off with ice cream.

The kids look forward to this every week, and we grown-ups like it too.  It’s nice for Mom to have a night off of cooking, nice for Dad to meet up with his wife and kids after a long day at work, and nice for the kids to eat something that doesn’t involve vegetables and to have fun making their fancy cocktails.  It’s a no-fuss way to have a great time as a family.  With no disrespect meant toward excellent pizza, that’s what it is really all about anyway.


  1. Will raved about his time going with you! Sounds like a lot of fun and good memories in the making!

  2. Glad to hear he enjoyed himself, Shona! Please tell him he can look forward to another Wilbur pizza night on this next visit. He was at a different place with us called Ledo's last time... we'll see if he likes Jerry's too!