November 24, 2010

Something you can't really sink your teeth into...

Our home is not exactly eclectic in its décor, though it is very personal and reflects who we are far more than it does conventional decorating rules.  You won’t find an old traffic light flashing in our family room or anything like that, but among the colorful rooms filled with family photos and heirlooms, you will see an odd thing or two.  One of them is a giant wooden watermelon.
This perfectly-shaped-for-this-idea hunk of wood came from my parents’ house when they had trees removed.  They remarked how much it looked like a piece of watermelon and ought to be painted that way.  I asked if I could have it to do so, bearing in mind that it didn't have to turn out actually looking like real watermelon, since we weren't going to eat it.  With no formal plan, I just gathered some paint I already had around, a peachy pink used in our daughter’s room and some acrylics I had from other projects, and set to work, making it up as I went along.  When it finally looked enough like the real deal to me just a short while later, I offered it back to my parents for their home.  Since my mom’s taste is far more refined than mine, she declined and kindly let me keep my giant pink watermelon.
Recognizing that not everyone appreciates enormous brightly-painted wooden fruit, I will simply encourage you to look around and see what you could transform into something you enjoy with just a little paint job.  Maybe it’s a child-sized chair that isn’t sturdy enough to sit on, but would look cute with a fresh new color sitting in a corner with a potted plant on it.  Use some leftover paint from redoing a room you love, and put the chair in a different room altogether so you can enjoy that color in more than one place.  You could even paint your last name on it, or cutesy it up with hearts or flowers if you're so inclined, or stripes, or checks - whatever suits you.  Perhaps you can have your kids find some bigger toy blocks and paint their first names or just a picture on them, then display them on your mantle.  Maybe take one of those blocks yourself and see what you can create.
You don’t have to be an artist to do this.  You just have to have a little imagination, patience, and tolerance for end results that are as imperfect as the wood on which they’re painted.  If it’s going to sit in your home, then only you and your family have to like it.  That’s how we Wilburs look at many things about our way of life, and oversized fruit is no exception.

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