November 21, 2010

Top o' the mornin' to ya...

None of our kids were the type of babies or toddlers to just put anything they found on the floor into their mouths.  Call it a keen sense of what is edible, an advanced palette unwilling to dabble in dirt and marbles, or whatever you like, but they all were cautious and selective from the very beginning about what they would dare allow in their mouths.
No such discretion existed for what would go on top of their heads.  Our little people were hat people.  Our kids loved their wacky and varied headwear when they were younger.  With total abandon they’d throw anything up there on their little coconuts, and parade around as proud as can be of their dapper new look.  We gladly contributed to the supply of choices, be it a pizza box or a bucket, or just any old adult-sized hat.
Those days have nearly faded away, with now only the youngest willing and eager to wear something on her head, but seldom a big, floppy, silly one.  She has a favorite hat with a cute little elephant on it that she loves, a gift from her grandparents.  It fits her just right, and though she looks sweet in it, I do also miss the days where she’d wear one of her great-grandmother’s hand-me-down frou-frou hats to embellish her princess/ballerina look, or one of her grandfather's hand-me-down freebies from some company or another.  She’s the last of the hat-wearers whose taste has matured beyond those baby days.  And her older brothers certainly no longer have any interest in wearing boxes, buckets, or particularly anything girly that would have been cute at age two, but decidedly not now.  Growing up is exactly what they are supposed to do, and I wouldn’t want them to go backwards.  But I do miss those goofy hats.
If you have little ones scurrying around your place, perhaps you could dig through your house and gather a collection of things to top them off with, and see if your kids are hat people like my people.  And be sure to take lots of pictures; those days pass all too quickly.


  1. Too funny! Kids just crack me up! I'm quite sure I have a picture somewhere of one of my boys with the training potty on their head!

  2. Thanks, Judi!

    And Elizabeth, if you ever dig that one up, I'd love to see it - maybe a penchant for odd hats is genetic?