November 14, 2010

Welcome to Mom's Salon...

Returning home very late in the evening from a wonderful time with friends yesterday, we hurried to get the kids fed, showered, pajamafied, and into bed, resigned to skipping our normal nighttime routine in favor of well-rested children.  In the midst of this circus act my beautiful six-year-old Audra came to me, showed me her chipped and faded purple sparkly nail polish on her little fingers, and asked if I would do her nails for her.  I explained how late it was and that there really wasn’t time.  Seeing the disappointment in her face, I told her she could pick out a color and we would squeeze in some time for it in the morning.  A few minutes later she showed me her selection, an orange sparkly variety, and with my mind on the business at hand, I hurriedly told her it was perfect and that she should just put it on the coffee table where I would see it in the morning so I wouldn’t forget, and that she should remind me.
This morning I found this neat little arrangement she had placed next to where she knew I would put my laptop to do my morning routine.  She thought of everything, including arranging it to the side so it wouldn’t be in my way.  She hadn’t just chosen a new color like I asked, she had even gotten the cotton pad and polish remover to move on from purple with glitter, which is so last week, to this lovely orange.  This speaks to her love for and commitment to glitzing it up once in a while.  It made me thankful that though I had put off our glamour time in my own rush last night, I had not totally lost sight of something that is important to her.  And that makes it important to me too.
Audra has always been all about glamour, and I gladly feed that.  We’re not talking pageant-style here, just those girly touches that make her feel good.  Whether it’s spending a little time on a sweet hairstyle, or jazzing up those nails, or even testing which fruity lip gloss or flowery lotion smells the loveliest, she and I enjoy our salon time.  If we’re being honest, there is a natural tendency among females to be concerned about our appearance and to do little things that make us feel we look our best.  Every family has their own definition about what that means for their little girls.  In ours, it’s whatever makes Audra feel feminine and beautiful, while still reinforcing that what’s inside her is most important, and also that she is beautiful just the way the Lord made her.  Mere decoration and enhancement of that beauty is what we do here at Mom’s Salon.  And Audra loves it.

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  1. What a beautiful girl! We all need to stop and put on some sparkles now and then. Great post.

  2. Thanks, Heather! I'm with you. Which will it be, orange or purple?