November 26, 2010

Where an ivory elephant feels at home with the Three Stooges...

Today will be a busy and fun day out here in the Wilburness, one that you’ll likely see described tomorrow.  So today, with time a scarce commodity, family and friends, I’ll just share a quick little something about little somethings.
I have had this printer’s box since I was a young girl.  Its contents have changed frequently through the years, but it is always filled with tiny things that mean something to me or simply amuse me.  For those unfamiliar with this sort of thing, it’s a tray-like drawer from a chest a printer would have long ago (the human kind, not that machine on your desk).  It would hold the letters to be placed for setting the type of something to be printed.  This, for you trivia lovers, is why we refer to our letters as “upper case” and “lower case”, the locations in such a chest of drawers for each type of letter.
Mine serves a different purpose, hung on a wall to display old and new little treasures, none of which have any real value apart from sentimental or whimsical.  I parted with a good portion of its contents not long ago to help supply my daughter’s newly remodeled dollhouse, so it’s sparser than it once was.  I view that as an opportunity to go hunting for replacements.  Other petite mementos and perhaps some new miniatures will find a home there, and become part of a hodge-podge of odds and ends that only look right together when gathered there.  Where else would a Smurf look like he belongs with your grandmother’s porcelain brooch?
If this intrigues you and you love miniatures like I do, you can pick up one of these printer’s boxes on eBay or in antique stores fairly inexpensively.  They look lovely done in a sophisticated manner or a somewhat goofy one like mine.  They’re as personal as what you fill them with.  And if you stop by my house and take a close look and see something you like in it, tell me.  I’ve been known to send these little items home with admirers.  It brings a smile to someone’s face, and opens up a vacancy begging to be occupied by whatever strikes my fancy.

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