November 11, 2010

It's time for s'mores...

When we were still living up in New York, my parents took out a brick path from their yard and asked if we’d be able to use the bricks for anything at our place.  Always thankful for free stuff, and eager to build something we all would enjoy, we took them.  My husband Joe and our son Scott built a fire pit with these hand-me-down bricks out by our pond.   It was primitive, basically a rounded off square with nothing holding the bricks together, but we loved it.  We spent a lot of special times out there as a family, and also with friends.

When we moved south two years ago, we were sad to leave behind a lot of things, especially the aforementioned pond.  But that fire pit was special too, and though we knew we probably could build one once we were settled into a place, it would take time, and would depend on the place.  It was not easy finding a house that fit our family (four kids, only two of whom were used to sharing a room), our lifestyle (decidedly rural in how much land we wanted, but modern in the conveniences we preferred), and our budget.  When we finally found just the right place with not a moment to spare before we needed it, imagine our delight when we realized it already had a fire pit.  We were thrilled!  And even though summertime down here is a bit hot for a campfire, the rest of the year is just perfect.
We’ve been here just two years, but have had several campfires with friends, both old and new, and countless ones on our own as a family.  We each look forward to different aspects of a good campfire, from getting the fire going, to roasting hot dogs and making s’mores.  Our younger kids will often end up playing on the nearby swing set, while we older ones sit on the tree stumps we encircled the fire pit with when my parents had trees taken down from their yard.  (Yes, they moved south too, and yes, they’re still giving us things for our yard.)
Since most people aren’t country bumpkins like us, not everyone has the space for a large fire pit, but there are smaller portable ones available that do the job too.  A fire doesn’t have to be big to be the perfect setting for sitting together, cooking something unhealthy, messy, and tasty, forgetting about your to-do list and your burdens, and enjoying some quiet time.  If that sounds good to you, consider doing something like this at your place.  Or just give me a holler, and we’ll have you over to ours.

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