December 16, 2010

Another blog prepared for take-off...

Workshop full of expensive tools all set up, first section ordered and delivered, there is no turning back now.  My husband is building our airplane.  The kids and I will all help, of course, but he is the head of the construction team.  He’ll direct us over the next few years as we save up for and build each new section of the plane, and thousands of rivets later, we’ll have our ticket to go anywhere we want to.  We are building a Van’s Aircraft RV-10.  I memorized that so that I can almost sound like I know what I’m talking about.  I also learned the spelling and meaning of a new word yesterday: empennage.
The first section arrived yesterday, and it is the empennage and tailcone kit.  I memorized that too.  For those of you who are like I was yesterday and have no idea what that is, it’s basically the back end of the airplane.  Like dressing a baby, we’re working from the bottom up.
I won’t be handling a riveter without supervision, but I will be Joe’s right-hand woman, just as I try to be in all other aspects of our life.  I’ll hold stuff in place while he rivets, hand him tools and so on, and perhaps on occasion try my hand at some of the big stuff (once I learn what the big stuff is and what to properly call it.)  And certainly I’ll be the one to bring him a good cup of coffee or a sandwich.  My role will be that of assistant, one which is familiar and comfortable for me.
However, Joe has entrusted me with a task where I’ll take the lead and he will assist, and it too is familiar and comfortable.  I will be tracking our progress on a new blog.  No cutesy pictures of the kids, no observations on life, parenthood, homeschooling, or anything of the sort.  It’ll just be a straightforward documentation of the building process.  Having resisted my inclination toward pink and flowers, or even the folksiness of our woods as a backdrop, it has a vastly different look and tone.  With no pun-laden post titles or wordy prose, you’d be hard-pressed to know it’s run by the same blog lady, other than my name being next to my husband's in the title at the top of the page.
At first I questioned Joe’s request to have both our names on the plane blog, since we all know who is really building this airplane, but I soon realized that he is right.  This whole project is a team effort, like everything else in the wonderful life we share together.
It’s doubtful that there will be much of a crossover of those who like to read here and those who will want to read the other blog, seeing as it has no good laundry tips, but for those who are interested, it can be found at:
And lest you think I came up with that catchy address name, it is Joe who deserves the credit.  Maybe he has a future in blogging.  For now, he’ll stick to building an airplane.

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