December 28, 2010

A basket case...

For some reason that is somewhat of a mystery to me, the post in which I shared information about how our moderately large family accomplishes efficient laundering of our clothes seems to have struck a chord with some who read this little blog, since it is the most frequently read post.  As you may have noticed in my detailed description, laundry baskets play no part in the system.  That isn’t to say we have an aversion to them; they just aren’t necessary because our laundry area is located so close to where we sort and fold the clean clothing.  We just scoop the clothes out of the dryer and bring them to the sofa in our arms.
Since that has only been the case in our current house, we do own a few baskets from other laundry arrangements in our previous homes.  We’ve just learned to re-purpose them.  In fact, even before we lived here we found uses for them  beyond just laundry.  They’re perfectly designed for carrying more than that.  Below are a few examples:
A safe and sturdy container for baby toys

Ready for takeoff
A temporary home for things during our big clean-up

Bringing food outside for an impromptu picnic with Grandpa Wilbur
Besides the above, we’ve used them when we travel to carry all those little odds and ends bigger families have to drag along, for bringing in groceries from Aldi (the bagless bargain-lovers store), and even carting Christmas presents to and from celebrations.  The list goes on.  Certainly many of you have found your own unconventional uses for these handy-dandy haulers, but for those who’ve never considered their use beyond the laundry room, this post is for you, my friends. 
Besides, I know how much you all love to read about the topic of laundry…

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  1. Laura!!! You just gave me an answer to a problem that I am having! The baby toys! We have tried to keep to toys that are some how beneficial to Bekah, interactively, educationally, etc. But, keeping them corraled is a new experience for me - and my spare laundry basket may be Just the Right Choice for now!!!! Thank you!!