December 24, 2010

Cookie Day...

In our home this day of the year is no longer referred to as Christmas Eve.  In fact, our younger kids only know it by its Wilbur name: Cookie Day.  Today is the 6th Annual Wilbur Cookie Day, a day devoted to our sloppy and somewhat unconventional process of rolling, shaping, baking, frosting, and decorating sugar cookies with full participation from all six of us.  I make the dough on my own the night before, since that’s the boring part.
Then we work together every December 24th to roll it out, followed by shaping it with cookie cutters or just by hand into whatever form our imaginations dictate.  We’ve seen fish, butterflies, snakes, hot dogs, French fries, hands, and yes, even a butt or two.
Until this tradition began I really didn’t enjoy baking for Christmas.  The thought of having yet another chore to handle all on my own seemed wrong somehow, considering how much we moms do to put the Christmas experience together for everybody.  Most years before Cookie Day began I simply didn’t bother with baking anything.
That all changed with the dawn of this wonderful Wilbur event.  Now I look forward to baking cookies at Christmas, because it is no longer a holiday task like so many others we moms do, working on something alone for hours that could be demolished in minutes.  (Making the dough by myself is a small sacrifice.  After all, I’m still the mom.)  It’s done in a way that lets me spend time with my favorite people.  We enjoy each other’s company and admire each other’s silliness and creativity, then dig in and sample our rather unusual results.  I’m not worried about how the cookies turn out.  I’m more interested in how the kids turn out.
Sprinkled about the page you’ll see glimpses of the Cookie Days of yore, including the picture below of the contestants in a highlight from last year, a friendly contest for the best Gary (SpongeBob SquarePants’ pet snail, for those of you not in the loop.)

Baking with the kids is a messy endeavor, but worth every sticky-and-crumby moment.  Happy Cookie Day, everyone!

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