December 4, 2010

Doesn't every family have a monkey?

The monkey in our family is our son Zach.  He’s the serious-minded, quiet one you’ve read about who spends the bulk of his time in his lab.  But he has his adventurous side, though he always goes about it with the same deliberate and controlled approach as he does his Lego-building and contraption-devising.

He is a climber, and has been from the beginning.  Shelves, trees, you name it.  But he’s so careful and meticulous in his ascent that we don’t worry too much about him.  The photographic evidence here implies that we may find him some day on the highest of our bookshelves or the sky-scraping branches of a tree, as he does seem to want to accomplish greater altitude with each passing year.  But Zach is even more safety conscious than his sometimes over-protective parents, so most often we just stand back and watch as he scales whatever his heart desires like a pint-sized Spiderman.
At times in parenthood this inaction and admiring observation is required of us.  Although so much of raising children involves direct instruction and correction, sometimes we just need to stand back and watch as they reach new heights all on their own.  And when they’re stuck, as occasionally they will be, all that’s needed is a well-placed helping hand that gently guides their grasp to what is up above.

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