December 9, 2010

Experts in play...

Grandpa Westfall helps Audra lift
the broom-handle-and-log-chunk
barbells he made for the kids
Being the sentimental sort, I’ve written here on several occasions about generations gone by.  Today I’ll just share a word of appreciation for three men from a generation in the here and now: our children’s grandfathers.  (Their grandmothers will get the spotlight another day.)  My dad, Joe’s dad, and Joe’s stepfather, known around these parts as Grandpa, Grandpa, and Papa, treat our children like the prized possessions they are, and each knows how to make every moment with their grandchildren fun.

Grandpa Wilbur helps Scott set up
the ultimate Hot Wheels ramp

At any gathering of any branch of the family, if you can’t find our kids or their grandfather, they’re likely to be found together somewhere playing with toys, or making up games, or doing whatever the kids want to, since “no” is not generally a part of a grandfather’s vocabulary.  Of course, each man has other fine qualities and their own unique things they can teach the kids, but the common denominator that shows them to be card-carrying members of the Grandfather Club is an expertise in playing.  The sillier the game, the better.

Papa and Zach sport
matching mustaches
It makes our kids feel special to have such focused attention from these men they admire and love so much.  As parents of the one group and children of the other, my husband and I appreciate that.  A fringe benefit is a little break from our parental duty to play too.  We put our feet up, sit back, relax, and enjoy the sight of our kids having the same kind of fun we did when we were kids, spending time with our dads.

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