December 1, 2010

Let's go site-seeing...

Tired from my extra two hours of extra-early birdness from yesterday and staying up way too late last night, and not quite able to string words together that make any sense at all this morning, it seems a good opportunity to keep it short and simple on this little blog today.  Some may say I should just take a day off, but I can’t bring myself to do it.  I’m truly enjoying this relatively new part of my daily routine, sharing a little something with family, friends, and even a few strangers about life in our remote corner of the world.  I’m afraid that if I take a day off, it’ll turn into two and three before I know it, and I might end up never coming back to this.  It’s so enjoyable for me that I don’t want to take that risk.  Eventually I may not write daily, but for now it’s what works for me.
That doesn’t mean I have to produce quality prose on a daily basis, or even at all, so today I thought I’d use this time of my extreme sleepiness to share with you a few links to some favorite websites.  Most you’ve heard of, but perhaps some you haven’t.  Each one makes my life easier, enhances it in some way, or just brightens my day:  Easily searchable, enormous selection, competitive prices, and great free shipping deals on orders of $25 or more.  There’s a reason it’s so popular.  A convenient way to buy household necessities like cleaning supplies, toothpaste, paper products, and so on.   Shipping is always free.  It’s a great help to be able have toilet paper delivered to your door when you live in the boonies.
Webkinz:  A chance to play with my kids in a virtual world, sending each other presents and playing games together.  Buy a cute little stuffed animal, get a code with it to go online and play with a cartoonish version of said animal in its virtual home, and off you go.  We’re huge fans here.
Chandelierious:  A decorating blog that goes beyond decorating, written by a talented friend.  Her intuitive ability to create and appreciate beauty is evident in her daily posts.
Facebook:  (The reason many of you found your way here.)  I wasn’t always a fan, but now I can’t imagine a day without it.  An easy way to keep in touch with family and friends far and near.
There are so many more websites I enjoy, but I did say I'd keep this short and simple.  So just one more before I move on with another busy day on not-quite-enough sleep.  My favorite website of all, in a category more important than any of the above:  Biblical articles and audio files from a few different men, including my husband Joe.  Joe also maintains this site, if by maintain we mean he adds new items now and then, but never changes its late-1990’s look.  Looks can be deceiving.

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