December 29, 2010

Our covert operation: 2 days, 12 relatives, 700 miles

Zach showing his little cousin Jayden
how he builds with Legos

Nana with one of her granddaughters,
our cute little niece Giuliana

We completed a whirlwind tour of the northeastern United States over the past couple days, visiting my husband’s mom and family in Pennsylvania as well as his dad in New Jersey.  Traveling around the holidays isn’t easy, but was well worth the time spent with loved ones.  We’ve returned home to plenty of Christmas chaos still left to be tidied up in our house, so in the interest of time, I’ll simply share two things with you today, the first being a glimpse of the visit with our family from the past couple days, seen in pictures throughout today’s post.
Zach, Daniel, and Grandpa

And secondly, I’ll draw your attention to something else about that trip: unless you are one of the people in those pictures, or are another close relative or friend, you had no idea our house was empty for two days.  Part of our effort to be secure and safe around here is to not publicize those rare times that we are away from our house.  It makes me cringe when I see Facebook posts or bold messages in other public arenas telling the world  (especially those fond of breaking-and-entering-and-looting) that there is a perfect target available.  If you are one who shares that sort of thing publicly, I urge you to reconsider.  It’s not just your friends and family you’re telling your news to – it’s every creepy lurker too.

Scott, Grandpa, and Audra

In the two days we were away, I wrote of how my husband and I divide up the work at home as well as a little something about laundry baskets.  I posted no advertisements announcing our absence to those who would like to break into our house and steal our stuff.  Then again, I don’t even tell you exactly where we live, now do I?  You may call it paranoia, but I call it prudent precaution.  We live in an age in which we feel compelled to share personal things publicly, myself included, but it ought to be done with thought and care.  We love our families and homes so much that we choose to inform the whole world about them; they must also be worth protecting.
Daniel and Zach playing with their dad on his new phone
just before bed at Nana's house

Audra, on the right, gets artsy-craftsy
with her young aunt Dina, left,
and her cousin Isabella, center

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  1. If you take pictures with a "smart phone," there is something called "Geo-tagging" being done by the phone. It is an option you can turn off. Go to " " - they give info on how to turn it off (if Joe doesn't know already).

    I heard about this on the radio just the other day!