December 7, 2010

Papa's gift...

My grandfather, whom we called Papa, was a carpenter by trade.  He put those skills to use on a miniature scale when I was seven years old.  He built for me the beautiful dollhouse you see in the photos below.  I played with it incessantly as a child.  Three decades later, I had the privilege to give it a makeover with the help of its new owner, my daughter, whom Papa never knew.  He had always intended this to be a lasting gift to be passed on to the next generation, and I was thrilled to fulfill his wish.  I find it difficult to encapsulate the feelings of gratitude and love I have toward Papa and the joy I felt handing down his priceless gift to his great-granddaughter.  The emotions are too great and defy description.  Instead, today I will let the pictures do the story-telling.

Papa, my mom, my brother and I during the construction phase
Moved from Papa's basement to the kitchen,
construction almost complete
A happy seven-year-old with her new dollhouse

Thirty years later, a sweet five-year-old
begins to make the dollhouse her own
Interior decorating

Refinished inside and out to resemble our home,
Papa's gift now belongs to his great-granddaughter

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