December 30, 2010

Cut it out...

As you may have noticed, I like to include photographs with each post.  It adds something to the little tidbit I write, and helps distract you if the writing should happen to be dull and lifeless.  But before I add the photos, I take a few minutes to crop them in order to suit my purposes.
It may be a matter of cropping off the laundry pile to the right of the houseplant, if the plant is to be the focus, or cropping off the plant, if the laundry needs to take center stage.  Or perhaps it’s a group shot where only one person looked good, and they’re the one I needed to highlight to go with a blog post.  Off with the other people, and there we have it.  Sometime it’s simply a matter of getting rid of the background and focusing in on the person or object.  Since I’m no photographer, our 20,000 or so pictures are all mediocre.  But with basic cropping tools found in almost any photograph editing program on the computer, I can make the most of my photos and draw attention to the subject at hand.
For example:
Before: a nice picture, but the time stamp, the balled socks, the salt and pepper,
the red stepstool, and the junk on the chest all draw your eye away from Zach

After: His Royal Cuteness gets the attention he deserves
Throughout my life I have often been accused of being too much of an optimist.  There is undoubtedly some validity to that label, and as proof I’ll say that even my optimism is a good thing.  Much like the cropping of the photographs, I try to concentrate my attention on the good that I see and not dwell on that which is unpleasant or unnecessary.  I just use a simple editing tool.  It’s a pleasant way to look at life.

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