December 18, 2010

The post of Christmas Past...

Like most of you, I will be spending this last Saturday before Christmas making the most of the time, finishing as many Christmasy tasks as I can.  On the agenda today:
-finishing off those handmade gifts (I hope)
-a quick trip to the post office to mail things to far-away loved ones we won’t see at Christmas
-wrapping the last few items
-cleaning the mess that has accumulated all week while preparing for Christmas
-laundry (that never takes a vacation)
- finally removing that lone Thanksgiving knick-knack I somehow overlooked when we decorated for Christmas; I’ve walked past it countless times for several days now, telling myself I’d take care of it later...
With all that and more to do, today on this little blog I am simply going use it to make my to-do list and to take a walk through Christmases past, those that have happened since we first got a digital camera.  No time for scanning older pictures today!  Though my intention in sharing these pictures is to inspire myself to do all I can to make this another nice holiday for my family, perhaps those who know us will enjoy a glance through as well.  Merry One-week-left-until-it-all-has-to-come-together-somehow!

Scott and Daniel

Expecting Audra, relaxing and enjoying time with my boys
at the end of a fun and busy Christmas Day

Grandma and Audra reading her new butterfly book

Audra and her daddy having a Christmas tea party
Scott showing Grandma Waugh how to play Lego Star Wars on his Playstation 2
Grandpa and Audra listening to a Bible story, one of our Christmas traditions

Zach seems to like his present

Four of my favorite gifts

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