December 5, 2010

The weather outside was frightful...

Two years ago we broke off our long and bitter relationship with nasty winters.  Parting was not sweet sorrow.  It was good riddance.  I had lived in the Rochester, New York area for my entire life until then.  My husband Joe grew up in Pennsylvania, where winter could be harsh at times, but nothing compared to the winters on the banks of Lake Ontario in my hometown.  When Joe came to Rochester to go to college and first experienced the brutality of the weather, he determined he would never live in that city and would leave the moment his diploma was in his hand.  Before that would happen and he could make his escape, he met me.  Despite his hatred for the weather, when we got married we stayed there, since I was a decidedly-not-adventurous young woman who wanted to be near my family.  For fourteen years Joe and I braved those winters together, and he hated every minute of it.  I was in denial about my feelings toward the weather. I thought I loved winter, when really what I loved was anything I was already used to.
A few years back we finally decided to move south and give him a turn to enjoy a better climate.  Other circumstances prompted this idea too, but those northern winters were a major factor.  After more than a year of job-and-house hunting, everything lined up just right for us to get away.  By fall of 2008 we were settled into our new home in the South, though not the Deep South.  We were astonished that we didn’t even need to wear jackets.  After two years here, we still can’t get over the beautiful weather, and often will check the Rochester forecast for a good laugh.
Don’t misunderstand; we love the snow. Well, at least the kids and I do.  Joe is at least on speaking terms with it if it doesn’t cause too much trouble.  Friends from back in Rochester will sometimes tell us how much they would miss the change of seasons if they moved south.  What they don’t realize is that there are more than two seasons in a year.  In Rochester, it’s 75 degrees and partly sunny in the summertime, with a hotter day here or there.  But summertime is from early July to mid-August.    The rest of the year is cold, with about five to six months of wintry weather.  Where we live now, we’ve discovered there are four seasons in a year.  Winter begins when winter begins, and offers the kids snow to play in accompanied with temperatures that don't force them in after just ten minutes.  In the spring flowers grow, unlike up there where spring is when you wait for the rest of the snow to melt, if not waiting for it to stop falling.  Summertime is hot here, to be sure, but tolerable.  And fall doesn’t start in August like it does up north.  Simply said, we love it here.  We never want to move back.  With all due respect to Rochestarians and the city in which they shiver, I feel it my duty to any northern readers to leave you with some visual arguments for considering a move south:  

Late fall in Rochester

Winter in Rochester
Spring in Rochester

Late fall here

Winter here

Spring here


  1. The winter (fall/winter/spring) weather was a big factor in why I moved south 11 years ago. Yes, the summers here in Alabama are oppressive, but almost everywhere I have to be has air conditioning. I would much rather have the heat and humidity than the cold and snow. Rochester is nice to visit, but I was not sad to leave the freezing temperatures behind.

  2. That's why I love South Ohio! 4 real seasons. Summer's a bit hot/humid for me, but I love having spring and fall!