December 15, 2010

Where are the elves when you need them?

As I’ve mentioned, all my shopping for Christmas gifts was done on the internet a couple weeks ago.  However, there are a few gifts I am making by hand which I’ve begun, but still have a long way to go before they’re finished.  I would tell you what they are and who they’re for, but that would spoil it for the recipients who may read this.
As with wrapping day, the plan for the day is school first, housework next, and then onto the Christmas task at hand, in this case making a concerted effort to finish at least one of those handmade gifts.
The reality is that just as with wrapping day, instead I’ll likely end up giving the kids a day off of school, letting the house stay just as it is, and only making a third of the progress I’d like to on the holiday business.  That’s alright with me, though, because every year somehow it all works out.  By Christmas everything comes together one way or another, and I enjoy the day with my wonderful family.
Scott's first Christmas, still a tiny preemie;
good things come in small packages
So rather than linger here on the blog this morning, I’ll reserve any creativity for my work on these special gifts, ones that are worth every bit of my time and effort.  In keeping with that, I’ve decorated today’s post with these pictures of our kids as little Christmas babies, despite the fact that they have nothing to do with anything I’ve written. 
"I thought Mom said she wouldn't dress us alike.  What's this all about?"
Time is a scarce commodity today, so perusing my pictures for something that fits the I’m-busy-with-handmade-gifts theme is not something I can fit into the schedule.  Finding Christmas pictures in computer files that are already organized by date, on the other hand, is easy.  Today I must go with easy.  So, perhaps it’s fitting to use those pictures after all; a demonstration of what I do when I’m too busy with handmade gifts.  Besides, who doesn’t love Christmas and babies, especially together?
Grandma Waugh and Audra on her first Christmas

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  1. Too funny (and cute!), Laura! Your day sounds a lot like mine, except I can make nothing but dinner! haha! Now I must run and try to glorify God with my time-management skills (not very good at that)! Have a wonderful day!