January 11, 2011

Airing dirty laundry...

As I look back at the various topics and posts of this little blog about our family and our life, I realize I may have inadvertently given a false impression about us.
You will not read here of behavior problems with our kids.  You’ll not see anything about them arguing or details of any disobedience.  There is a reason for that, but it may not be what you think.
Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself that since I never write of such things, I’m trying to present a rosier picture than reality.  Or perhaps you may think I just see my children as perfect, and don’t notice their weaknesses or any offenses they commit against their parents or each other.  
None of that is the case; I simply don’t tell you because I don’t believe it would be right to do so.  Problems do indeed arise with my children, but I believe they deserve the same protection I would want, to not have private mistakes made unnecessarily public.  I am determined to not embarrass them with this blog.  It’s simply a place to tell you a little about how we live, what we care about, and the sweet moments that make us grateful to be traveling this road of life together as a family.
The only dirty laundry you’ll see aired here is the literal kind.  I don’t mind embarrassing myself.

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