January 16, 2011

Come this way...

One of my daily habits is to change the background picture on my laptop.  To one side of the screen I have a desktop gadget displaying a shuffled slide show of years of memories, and when one strikes my fancy I’ll snag it and place it in the daily position of honor, center-screen and enlarged.
The current selection is my sweet Audra as a little toddler, making her way along a path by our pond at our old house.  As I sit here this morning looking at it, I can’t help but see more than just a cute little girl examining her footsteps.  And as with most of these quiet observations, I won’t keep it quiet, but instead share it here.  It’s a simple one, but it must be said.
I know the Way, the Truth, and the Life, three names for the Lord that He taught concerning Himself in John 14:6.  He is my Lord, and He saved me.  I follow no religion.  I follow the Lord Jesus Christ, who is fully God and fully man, who died on the cross for my sins, and rose again from the dead.  I could do nothing to save myseIf from the punishment I deserved for my sins, eternal separation from God.  But He loved me, and sent His Son to die in my place, to bear my punishment for me, though He was sinless and I was not.
My husband has this same faith.  He trusted the Lord Jesus alone for salvation when he was thirteen years old.  Together we share all we know of Him and His Word with our children, teaching them about the Way.
Many who read this will cheer us on, but those of you who don’t have this same faith may be skeptical and think we’re forcing our children down a path not of their choosing.  It is to you I write today.  Look at little Audra.  She’s just two years old in that picture, and without direction, she’d be lost.  Studying her own footprints for guidance, she would end up walking in circles and eventually right into danger.  But as adults, we know the way to safety, and we show her.  It would be foolish and unfeeling not to.
We also know the Way to eternal safety, and though we couldn’t force our children to follow Him if we tried, we live and breathe to do the work of teaching them the Way, praying that they will choose it as we did.  Three already have, and little Audra, now six years old, is listening, but hasn’t started walking yet.  She is still looking at her own footprints.  Our prayer is that soon she will take that step of faith and follow, but not follow in the footsteps of her parents and her brothers; that she’ll follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  We’ll just keep showing her the Way.
And on occasion, as an opportunity presents itself here on my blog, I’ll do the same for you, dear friend.

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