January 3, 2011

An homage to camouflage...

This is our little Daniel, a boy who has always preferred to wear camouflage more than anything else.
He isn’t the first Wilbur boy drawn to this pattern; his older brother Scott loved it before him, and still jokingly refers to camouflage as his favorite color.  Daniel’s twin brother Zach wears it too, though he is partial to the black version.
Something about camouflage seems to make a boy feel like a man.  It helps him imagine himself to be a tough, resourceful, resilient soldier, ready to take on the world and defend freedom, rather than a boy who has to clean his room and do his schoolwork.
As a woman, I cannot relate to the feeling that this pattern stirs up, but I’m fairly sure I’m identifying it correctly.  Though the look and the effect are different, when our little Audra wears dresses and any fancy shoe with a bit of a heel on it, she twirls around and is transported to womanhood in her own mind, just like I was at her age.
We’d all love to say that what we wear isn’t important, but it is.  It influences how we feel and how we view ourselves.  Just ask some poor boy forced to wear a suit and tie to a wedding.  Or just ask my husband when he’s in the same situation.
Camouflage makes my boys feel like men, and although at times it also makes them hard to find, I’m all for it.  Maybe the clothes do make the man.

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