January 10, 2011

How the fridge can keep memories fresh too...

This morning I took the time normally set aside for this little blog to create a refrigerator-bound personalized calendar.  Those who read here somewhat regularly will astutely note that I just told you the other day about our Lang calendar, but that is not one I ever write on, in order to preserve the pages for framing when that year is through.  The one I made this morning is not quite as la-de-da as that, but it is the one I’ll scribble our lives down on as we make our way through what will hopefully be a less sorrowful year than 2010, a year in which we gained and lost another precious child.
With calendar-publishing consuming the narrow window of available time before our busy day begins, today I’ll simply share with you the pictures I selected for it.  Each picture is one of the more joyful moments of last year, taken in the same month of 2010 that it now graces in our new calendar for 2011.  They will be a reminder to me this year of the blessings the Lord has poured out on me, and the way He carried me through the past year as He always does.
Audra prepares a winter tea party for her stuffed animals
Zach practices snow diving
Audra and I had a special girls' day out at Build-a-Bear Workshop

Zach flying a kite during a visit from our special friends the Slombas;
Nancy Slomba taught the children a lesson in patience
as she taught them how to fly kites
and as she set the example in her characteristic loving way

A baby bird which fell from its nest at the top of a column on our front porch
down to the garden below;
we were able to gently place it back in its mother's care

Daniel during another animal rescue mission,
in which we removed a frog and its fifty million tadpoles from our pool
(not all made it out alive)

A month of birthdays for Audra and twins Zach and Daniel

An after-the-fact combined birthday party for all three younger kids;
a wonderful time with lots of friends and fun, served with a side of SpongeBob

An unforgettable trip to the Smoky Mountains

The birthday boy, our now fourteen-year-old son Scott

The kids jumping in the leaves at their grandparents' house
on a beautiful fall day

My handsome husband looks over the plans for the airplane he is building

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