January 2, 2011

Keep your germs to yourself...

Our sweet eight-year-old Zach has come down with a cold.  We knew it was coming last night, and despite how happy he looks in this picture I took of him this morning, he is sneezing and wheezing.  He has the sound of croup coming on, an unpleasant and sometimes serious coughing and breathing problem, one with which we have a lot of experience.  Poor Zach is down for the count.
When one of the six of us gets sick, the script of our next three weeks is written.  The virus will worm its way through our family quietly but quickly.  We’ll fall one by one, helpless victims of its fierce but silent rage.  It’s only a matter of time.
Another certainty when sickness enters our home is that the afflicted kids among us will get special treatment.  We will do their jobs for them, give them sweet treats here and there, and provide lots of drinks, medicine, extra hugs, blankets, and plenty of TV, movies, and video games.  Zach has a wonderful few days ahead, considering just how sick he is.
But there is one thing you can be sure of, one absolute guarantee when illness strikes one of the Wilburs.  We stay home to avoid spreading it to others.  We may all be doomed to catch it, but you aren’t.  We wish more people felt the same way.
So this morning while my husband takes the other kids out, Zach will be cuddled up under a cozy blanket, a big drink and a little candy by his side, playing on the XBox 360 with me.  As each kid inevitably comes down with it in the days to come, they’ll receive the same treatment.  And you, the public at large, will receive the same consideration we’ve shown you with our first patient.  We’ll keep our germs to ourselves.

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