January 29, 2011

Literary bling...

The blog gets a new widget today, in which you’ll see a slide show of some of the books from our school shelves.  As part of our homeschooling we use Sonlight, a literature-based history/language/writing/reading curriculum.  The foundation of it is a truckload of books to read, some of it historical fiction, some of it non-fiction, and some just plain old good stories.  Our library has grown significantly since we started using this curriculum about five years ago.  Most of the selections you’ll see on the widget are from Sonlight, but I’ve included others that are just favorites of ours, including ones the kids have outgrown but I haven’t, like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
Reading is a crucial component to our children’s education.  We include books that we don’t necessarily agree with or which may have content or colorful language that requires explanation and/or condemnation on our part.  But just as we’re training our children to live life in the real world, with all its imperfections and challenges, so we do with their reading material, allowing them to see the world as it is and help them make sense of it based on the truth of God’s Word.  I won’t put our official stamp of approval on all of the books you’ll see fading in and out on the miniature slide show, but I will say they’re worth a look.
I have my book-loving friend Heidi to thank for the idea to add this widget.  I have noticed it on other blogs before, but I was finally convinced it would be a nice addition to mine after seeing it on Heidi’s new blog devoted to literature.  Though her blog doesn’t make an appearance in the little book slide show here, it is something I enjoy reading.  I think you would too:

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  1. Love the bling! I really needed some encouragement today, so thank you for your kind words.