January 25, 2011

A little idea for you...

Here is an easy idea to display those portraits you have done of your children, albeit in miniature form:
You’ll see above the four kids paired up with their one-year-old selves in wallet size.  The frames are inexpensive, and it seems we always have extra wallet sized photos when we get their portraits done.  I’ve used a variety of arrangements of these wallet photos over the years, such as each of the four kids at two years old.  It’s fun to see how much alike they look when you equalize their ages that way.
Another arrangement was year-by-year, like I did when our older son Scott was little:
Perching our twin baby boys on top there, I knew back then that with our growing family, this was not going to be a display that was easy to find room for through their whole childhood.  There would be thirty-six little frames to set out if I did it today, based on the ages of the four kids.  I still may do that again; I’m always excited to freshen up what’s on display, and I’m always eager to fill my home with memories of my family.
Perhaps you are the same way, and might like to dig up those old wallet photos of your kids and revisit their younger years, not just for a moment, but day to day as sweet memories brighten up a spot in your home.

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