January 6, 2011

New possibilities...

Every New Year’s Day brings with it excitement about new possibilities; thoughts of the previous year are dismissed like a nerd at the prom, and we pause to consider the year ahead and its unknown adventures, twists, and turns.  For me it also brings twelve new decorating opportunities as I slip my new calendar into its frame and eagerly flip through the one from the previous year, not to reminisce, but to find new art for my walls.
Lang calendars were a mainstay in my childhood home, and I’ve continued the tradition.  My mom’s country style has always drawn her to a more rustic, colonial look in her choice of Lang calendar, whereas I prefer the watercolor-inspired floral styles.  With dozens of options available, Lang has something for nearly everyone.  I’ve sampled a few different types over the years, but the kick I’ve been on for the past few have Bible verses beautifully highlighted next to cozy scenes of home.
Two calendar pages framed in periwinkle, the color of the rest of our master bath

Even the cover of the calendar
can be recycled in a frame

Priced at about $16 (though they are half-price right now on the Lang website) they are obviously a more costly choice than a freebie from your insurance company.  To me, they are worth the small investment because their sturdiness and beauty make them reusable as framed art.  And because these “prints” I frame are really just calendar pages, I don’t bat an eye at changing them whenever I please.
No, they’re not sophisticated art, but they're pleasant to the eye, and in the case of the ones I’ve been using the past few years, God’s Word is displayed throughout our home on pretty backdrops.  No insurance company can top that.

This hangs above my desk, just the reminder I need every day

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