January 27, 2011

No need to call Willard Scott...

Today is the 100th time I’ve placed a daily post here on the blog, not missing a single day since its beginning.  As I’ve described before, it’s been a part of my daily morning routine.  Because the number 100 lends itself so nicely to a simple statistical report, I can tell you that I’ve written 51% of the time about our family, 28% about managing our life and home, 17% about decorating it, and just an itty-bitty 4% about friends.
Although that certainly reveals what it is that matters to me, it’s not my main point today.  This post we’ll broadly file under managing our life and home.  After 100 days of sharing things with you, it’s time to do something with my established morning routine that will be of greater benefit to my family.  The above statistics should make clear that they are of the utmost importance to me.
I mentioned the other day how I was going to begin putting one foot in front of the other for the sake of my health.  Though I said you likely wouldn’t read about it again, I was mistaken.  To explain the future of this blog, I need to bring it up just this once more.  I have been on my treadmill in the evenings since then, but that is less than ideal for this woman whose brain function begins to shut down by 9:00 PM.
Morning will work the best for me, before the children are up and calling, “Hey, Mom.”  The time is right to make a change, since I’m simply unwilling to get up any earlier than I already do.  I'll be taking Sundays off, but Monday through Friday I’ll finish off my aforementioned morning routine with something healthier than a blog post.  Though it may seem like it’s for me, it’s for my family.  They need me to stay alive more than they need me to tell you about my filthy toilets.
But every Saturday you will still find me here.  I’ll give my sneakers a break, and once a week continue to share a little something about life here at home in the Wilburness…

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  1. I'll miss your daily posts - I look for them every day. But I understand and appreciate your reason. Good luck with your new routine!