January 21, 2011

Retired from the fashion police...

Yes, that is a Cinderella costume over Audra’s t-shirt, her ensemble completed by her favorite elephant hat.  And yes, we were at a restaurant when this was taken.  I haven’t always been the kind of mom who’d let their kids go out in such interesting fashion choices.
When our fourteen-year-old son Scott was little I’d make sure he had just the right outfit on for the occasion, fix his hair, fuss with this and that about how he looked, all to preserve what I thought was my reputation.  In my immaturity I was concerned that people would judge our parenting by our child’s appearance.
Over time I've learned that while people will indeed judge us this way, their opinion simply doesn’t matter.  I’ve also learned that kids don’t like to have their collars fixed and their shirts re-tucked, but they do like costumes and funny hats.  And so, within reason, our kids determine what they look like when we go out.  We have guidelines; you won’t see Audra in that get-up at a funeral.  But when we go out for dinner, if she wants to wear her royal gown, I say the rest of us are all underdressed, and she is the epitome of grace and beauty.

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  1. YAYAYAYAY! Such good advice - how fun to dress up to go to a restaurant!