January 17, 2011

So, what have you been up to for the last quarter of a century?

Facebook has brought something about that previous generations likely experienced only on rare occasions.  In years gone by, middle-aged people like me might once in a great while run into someone they hadn’t seen in twenty years.  But in our modern age, it happens on Facebook at least a few times a month.
Some reconnections involve a simple posting of, “Nice to see you here,” or “Beautiful family,” or “You haven’t changed at all!”  But sometimes the reconnections have involved someone with whom I was once close friends.  When that occurs, it begs a written update to one another on what has happened in each of our lives over the past two decades or more.
I had another opportunity to do this just this past weekend, connecting with my dear old friend from summer camp, Sara.  Here we are in matching sweaters at Camp Li-Lo-Li, in those glorious days of the 1980’s:
Though we only spent time together over a couple weeks for a couple summers, Sara was a special friend.  We thought alike on a lot of subjects, looked at people and life in a similar way, and on a less important note, had cousins in common, although we weren’t directly related ourselves.   And obviously, we also shared the same taste in clothing.  When we tracked each other down after all this time, I immediately knew she wasn’t the type of reconnection that required a “Nice to see you here” post.  She was a real friend long ago, and though we hadn’t kept in touch all these years, I wanted to know all that had happened to her in them.  She, likewise, received a summary of my adult life.
Try encapsulating twenty or more years into a few paragraphs.  To summarize the facts of that much time in one’s life brings with it a rare moment of objectivity of sorts, a journalistic reporting of a sequence of events and choices.  It’s not really a moment of reflection, of considering the deeper things of life and all that one has learned from these life experiences; it’s more of an exercise in rapid time progression, a head-spinning glance at what took more than half of one’s life to complete, a black-and-white reminder of just how old one has gotten to be.
Nonetheless, I’m thankful for this new-fangled way to get reacquainted with old-fangled friends, even if it does keep reminding me that I’m pushing forty.

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  1. It's a wonderful way of tracing God's hand in the ups and downs of life! So glad to hear proof once again of His faithfulness in the unfolding of your life.