January 23, 2011

A special member of the family...

There is a beloved member of the family you haven’t met yet on this blog.  I’m allergic to all furry friends, so it’s not one of those like so many of you enjoy and adopt as one of your own children.  This is more like a cousin that we don’t mind seeing every so often: our tractor.
We’re not farmers, so to be clear, it’s a tractor in name only.  It’s the smallest John Deere that qualifies as one.  Just don’t call it a lawn mower; it gets offended by that.  Living in the boonies like we do, we only mow when it gets tough to play soccer, not when the neighbors’ high standards and scowling looks dictate, like when we lived in the suburbs years ago and had a meager push mower.  Mowing with a tractor gets the job done mighty quickly too.
Of course, a tractor wouldn’t be a tractor if couldn’t do things other than mow a lawn efficiently:

We love our green cousin.  Not enough to invite it inside, but enough to at least let it stay in the garage.

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