January 19, 2011

Spring has sprung?

Yesterday morning we had a sheet of ice on the ground, keeping my husband home from work and the rest of us housebound as well.  Although I have no right to complain about the weather here in the south compared to my hometown on the banks of Lake Ontario, I’ve had it with winter: not just on the outside, but inside our house.  What better day to dispose of winter décor than when the frigid outside weather forces us to stay in?
Back in late November I wrote about our Christmas village, which I always keep up long after the holidays, as well as our snowman collection sprinkled about the house.  What seemed charming and homey then has grown to be irksome and depressing now.  I’m ready for spring, and it was time to make the house reflect that.  I can’t control what season it is outside, but I have full control over the indoor setting.
And so we took the opportunity to have a “snow day” from homeschooling and set to work putting away the creepy ghost town that the Christmas village had become.  We also packed up the snowmen, who had lately gone from cheery to dreary, if not a bit sinister, filling every corner of the house with their doom-and-gloom message of a perpetual winter.

Spring has sprung in this shadowbox,
along with every other spot in our home
And now it’s officially spring here at home in the Wilburness, at least on the inside; every nook and cranny is decorated with the promise of chirping birds, soft showers, blooming flowers, and kite-flying, even if it will be another two months for the outside to catch up with my eager anticipation.

Even the fish have a fresh and flowery makeover

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