January 20, 2011

Sweet relief...

This is one of my favorite photographs, my sweet little Audra showing me the daisies she picked for me as we sat together on the front step of our old house in New York a few years ago.  It was a warm summer day, and her equally warm smile tells you what a lovely time we were having by our garden, seen in the background of this act of sharing.
But that’s not the whole story, nor the whole background.  Off camera my three boys were running around the yard together, while all five of us waited for my mom to come rescue us with her spare house key, since I had locked my keys in the house just as we were leaving for a dentist appointment for all four kids.  Though the keys were inside, I had managed to remember my cell phone, so I called my key-bearing rescuer as well as the dentist, asking for mercy so we could still be seen that day.  Everything all arranged, as I sat on the front step wondering how I could be so blonde when I wasn’t really blonde, Audra offered me those flowers.  The cell phone became useful one more time, and I snapped this picture.
I didn’t love everything about that day, but I loved that moment, helping me to just forget all about the keys.  (Other than remembering to bring them when we went out from then on.)  Sometimes a little snippet of relief comes along when we’re dealing with those fairly regular but small frustrations of life.  Audra saw the whole event as a wonderful opportunity to enjoy our garden together.  I didn’t have quite the same level of youthful optimism, but on an otherwise challenging day, I was thankful for my thoughtful little girl with the fistful of daisies.

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