January 13, 2011

A tightly-knit pair...

Isobel Westfall and Audra Isobel Wilbur,
one wearing the made-with-love gift from the other.
Today, a little story of two lovely ladies who love to knit and love to give...
Upon learning that Audra would be joining our family,
my wonderful mom learned how to knit for the first time at the age of fifty-four,
taking over the role of baby-blanket-knitter
from my grandmother, who was no longer able to do so.

She even made this adorable coordinating hat to match the blanket...

...one that Audra still loves to wear, whether there's wintry weather or not.

With hours of work and love woven throughout,
she made matching ponchos for Audra and her cousin Shelly.

This past summer, the torch was passed when Audra received this knitting tool
as a prize in a reading contest my mom had set up for her grandchildren,
encouraging Audra both to read and to knit.

Audra took to it right away, and in no time had a start on what would become a scarf.
She would give it as a Christmas present to her fellow-knitter,
who has always given her not only the beautful things she makes,
but her time, her interest, and her loving example of care and giving.

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