January 15, 2011

Two by two...

As I look at an empty spot on one wall of our soft yellow living room, it pleads with me to fill it like the rest of the room.   I’ve written before of how I decorate the walls in our home, from murals to our kids' works of art, favorite family items, my printer's box, and even a touch of non-homespun artwork, the theme of which is still family.
But this blank canvas has me thinking of something slightly different, though still family-centered: pairs of related candid photos of our kids, framed and grouped hand-in-hand, a sort of cutesy-quaint way to show the harmony and consistency among our children.  Some possibilities:

All would likely be framed in black, a nice contrast to the pale yellow, but neutral enough to let the photos take center stage.  This is a project still in the thinking phase, so for all I know I’ll end up hanging an old family quilt in that spot instead.  Whatever becomes of it, that empty wall needs to conform to the theme of the rest of our home, filled with what we love.

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