January 12, 2011

Updating old news...

As any who came here today from Facebook can confirm, I updated a photo album there this morning with a very old photograph.  It was of our older son Scott’s first day of kindergarten, seen below.  This was the only first-day-of-school photo that wasn’t digital, and though I scanned it into my laptop a while ago, I had forgotten to add it.  A friend looked through the online album last night, which reminded me to finally take care of adding it.  After all, he’s in ninth grade now.

 Since we homeschool, Scott thought it would be funny
to have his toy school bus with him for the picture
and carry it back inside the house
so that he could say he "took the bus to school."

Most of the photographs of our kids are digital, numbering about 20,000, all neatly organized for me by date on my computer.  But in my closet are two humongous boxes of Scott’s first five and a half years of life in picture form from that archaic time in which we only had a film camera.  A handful of these have been scanned, and you’ve seen those here and there on this blog.  But there are so many more to go.
It’s just one more project on the list of things I need to spend some of my free time doing.  Since free time is a bit of a scarce commodity in my life, I’m just hoping I can finish it before he’s all grown up and has kids of his own.

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