January 5, 2011

We like to call it "previously enjoyed" clothing...

Audra in one of her latest acquisitions
My in-laws brought two special kids into our family a few years ago.  The younger of the two, Dina, is only ten years old, so even though she is technically kind of an aunt to Audra, she’s also one of her favorite playmates.  Being just a little older than Audra, when Dina outgrows her clothing, my in-laws pass it all down to Audra and our niece Isabella.  Whenever we visit them or they come to see us, my mother-in-law always has a large container of clothes for me to look through.  It’s like a little shopping spree with no limits.  Audra loves it!  At least half of the outfits you’ll see on Audra in the pictures on this blog will be Dina originals.

Sweet Dina in a lovely dress that will likely come our way...

In turn, when Audra outgrows these lovely things as well as what we’ve bought for her, we pass along whatever items have survived her wear-and-tear to one of her other favorite playmates, her buddy Sharon.

Sharon in one of Audra's tops, Audra behind her in one of Dina's
Our boys have also been the beneficiaries of hand-me-downs through the years, and are able to pass along to Sharon’s older brother Danny whatever they manage not to destroy along the way.  Kids change sizes like we change our socks, so it’s good to make the most out of any investment we make in their clothing and see other children use and enjoy them.
Naturally the greatest benefit of receiving used clothing is the economic savings.  That’s the part we adults are thankful for.  But Audra also loves getting a truckload of stuff all at once to sift through and discover new favorites.  We appreciate the help, and she appreciates Nana and Dina’s good taste and generosity.  Keep it coming, ladies!

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