February 26, 2011

It's time for school...

I have seldom discussed the nitty-gritty of our homeschooling in any significant detail here.  Among my reasons for not visiting the topic very often is that not many of you who’ve been reading here are homeschoolers.  But in reality, every parent is a homeschooler in a way.  Parents whose kids go to school are still responsible for their education, and can and should enhance it when they’re all at home together.
I went to public schools from kindergarten on through to the end, but it was my mom who taught me how to read before I ever set foot in a school.  She also taught me by example how to express my thoughts and to love language.  She expanded my vocabulary throughout my childhood by decorating her sentences with elegant words I wouldn’t understand, knowing I’d ask about them or that I’d at least try them on for size in my own speech and writing.  And it was my dad who patiently taught me how to think things through logically, which is contrary to my emotional nature.  He also taught me how to do my schoolwork efficiently and effectively, and how to make the best use of the time and abilities I had.  My parents were my first and best teachers in countless ways, both before I went to school and throughout my childhood.
Though I have a degree in elementary education and had a brief blip-on-the-screen of classroom experience before the Lord blessed us with our own children, it’s not those long-distant resume facts that make me consider sharing my practical experience with you.  Educating our children has taught me the most about teaching.  Perhaps something that has worked for us will work for you, or can be altered to suit your child, whether or not they’re home full-time with you.
So stop by again next week as I take this blog in a new direction, at least for a little while.  We’ll be talking about a school subject that makes a miniscule percentage of kids beam with confidence, but brings most of the others to tears…

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