February 12, 2011

A note of gratitude...

One evening last week my husband came into the kitchen as I was preparing to take a steaming pot of pasta off the stove and over to the sink for straining.  He saw that before I took it off the stove, I laid a just-used cutting board at a slant across the stack of dishes in the sink.  Then he watched me place my colander on that slanted cutting board.  Excitement in his face as he saw my plan, he said, “What a great idea!  This is what you should write about for your blog!  Hold on a minute…”
He stepped into the living room to grab his smart phone, dashed back, and started snapping pictures of me step-by-step straining water from pasta, as though I were Ben Franklin with a kite, a key, and a genius notion waiting to be realized.
These are just two of the six pictures he took of what he viewed as a MacGyver moment.  Now ladies, who among you hasn’t perched a colander on whatever was in your way, and carefully guided the contents of a pot so you didn’t end up doused in boiling water?  More often than not, this is how I have to do it simply because of the volume of dirty dishes we accumulate by that time of the day.  But my husband was impressed.  And that made me smile.
Not one to spend time in the kitchen unless he's eating, he didn’t realize that this wasn’t innovation unfolding before him, just a typical housewife preventing first degree burns.  And so I don't share this incident with you in the way Joe intended; instead, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am for a husband who highlights the best in me, values what I do each day, and encourages me in it.  Even if he’s easily impressed.


  1. Sounds like a "Works for Me Wednesday" idea!

    I'll second your kudos to complimentary husbands. Mine grew up with a single mom who didn't have time or inclination to cook, so everything I make receives "amazing" reviews. Sure does make it worth the effort!

  2. I have awarded you a Only Lovely Blog Award! Check my blog for instructions.

  3. Wow! Easily impressed is a wonderful trait for a husband to have!