February 19, 2011

The past in the present, not the future...

I’ve written often of how I like to fill my home with family photos.  That is not limited to sweet pictures of our kids, though they are certainly my favorites.  I love the oldies-but-goodies of their ancestors too:
Until recently, most of these photos had been in plastic bins waiting to be put into albums.  Always having put it off for that future day when I’d have enough free time to do so, I decided instead to find ways to enjoy them in the here and now.  I grabbed some favorites, framed them, and created this new display.  It’s a memory-filled jumble of all the different branches of our family, with delicate accessories as a backdrop. 
A few days ago I added another way to enjoy these photographic treasures.  I placed a wide basket on our coffee table and filled it with some loose photos that take us to that time that fashion forgot, the 1970’s:
Ever the optimist, I fully expect to get all our old family photos into albums some day, but so far I’ve only managed to separate them by decade despite being in possession of them for many years.  Until I have the kind of free time needed to tackle the task, I can enjoy them now without completely undoing the organizational effort I’ve already accomplished.  At some point when I grow tired of the seventies, which shouldn’t take long, I’ll put this small sample back with the hundreds of other bell-bottomed memories in a plastic bin in the closet, and fill the basket on my coffee table with a different decade to enjoy.
And someday when that coveted free time finally comes, and I can barely remember who is who in these old photos, I’ll finally get them into albums.  Or maybe I’ll just carry on the family tradition and leave that job to our children.

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