February 5, 2011

A topical treatment...

In our home and in my own routine I have been injecting spring and newness everywhere I can: furniture rearrangement, springy flowers kicking those sinister snowmen out of here, the I’ll-try-to-stop-mentioning-it exercise routine I’ve established for myself, and all the all-around better organization that these changes have helped inspire.  I decided that this little blog needed some of that treatment as well.  The new background picture, seen also to the left, is a close-up taken last spring of the flowers making themselves at home in our garden.  With a new color scheme and font to top it off, spring has sprung at the blog now too.
You’ll also see that I’ve added a categorical list of the topics that have made an appearance here, in order of frequency.  (I do have a thinly-veiled nerdy quality about me.  Don’t let the fake blonde hair fool you.)
By no means do I consider myself as an expert on raising children, managing a household, interior decorating, or any of the other topics you’ll find there.  But better than anyone else, I know our children, how things function in our home, how I decorate it to suit my personal taste, and so on.  If you should find what I share here to be useful to you, that’s wonderful; but if not, that’s fine too.  I’m still happy you came by.
Our way might not work for everybody, but this is how it works for us…

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