April 23, 2011

Educational enrichment...

On the heels of reading By the Great Horn Spoon by Sid Fleischmann, an energetic and exaggerated tale set during the Gold Rush of 1849, our younger kids spent some time practicing their panning skills at a ditch they had dug behind our house that had filled with rain water.  Seeing their enthusiasm, my husband took them down to our creek to do some (almost) serious gold prospecting.  We live on ten acres of nearly all wooded property, so why not find out if there’s gold in them thar hills?

Setting off to strike it rich...

Some panned with tin foil pie plates, but one of these had been destroyed in the panning of the backyard ditch.  Audra used her umbrella instead, inspired by our book.  In the story, a hole is shot through the washpan belonging to Praiseworthy, a butler, who improvises and finds it quite effective indeed...

Gold fever

A speck worth examination

Daniel didn't find gold, but he did discover someone's abandoned tennis ball, a treasure he felt was worth pursuing.

Zach, left, decided the slim chance of finding gold wasn't worth getting his sneakers all wet...

...so Zach decided to play.  It may look like he is pole vaulting, but he laid this down across the creek and attempted to walk across on it, with questionable success.

Many years ago Scott read the same book and loved it then as much as the other kids do now.  He went along to watch their fun and have some fun in the woods himself...

...shooting his airsoft pistol.  No prospectors were injured.


  1. Cute Pics!!! Stop by my blog I have a blog award for you!

  2. The two I like the best are that Zach didn't want to get his sneakers wet--that would be my husband. And I love the pink umbrella!!! That would be Lilly. What's the pink stuff in the yard?

  3. That pink stuff is just Virginia red clay. I guess my camera on my phone made it a little less red! It goes nicely with Audra's umbrella, though!