April 9, 2011

Let's start at the very beginning...

I’m thoroughly enjoying this season of homeschooling, in which I am both a high school teacher to our fourteen-year-old and an elementary school teacher to our twin eight-year-olds and our six-year-old.  Over the past several weeks I’ve shared with you some of the things we do in various subject areas to meet the needs of the broad age range of our children. But today I’d like to take a look back at their preschool years, the educational foundation they share in common growing up here at home in the Wilburness.
Preschool is all about life experience, whether through imaginary play or trying your little hand at grown-up activities.  It’s a sweet and often funny period of our children’s lives when imitation reigns as their go-to response, which should remind us to be a good example to our little ones.  In my view, the preschool years are critical to establishing a love for learning in our children.
In keeping with the theme of early childhood education, this glance back at how we handled those early years will have few words but lots and lots of pictures.  Are we ready, boys and girls?  Do we have our listening ears on and our eyes up front?  Let’s begin!

First, the essential subjects:



And the arts:

Visual Arts

Dramatic Arts
We offered several electives:

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Agricultural Studies

Computer Science
Organized Sports
Driver's Ed.

Field trips:


And last but not least, two critical components of any quality preschool program:
Snack Time

Nap Time

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