May 28, 2011

Our solution to those filthy fingerprints...

Home to our TV, games, and toys, our basement is where our kids head to for fun.  But in getting there they have been leaving dirty fingerprints along a half wall that juts out on the right side of our staircase.  With a railing only on the left side going down, my right-handed children naturally grab for what they can and leave trails of whatever they’ve been touching all along that wall.
We’ve lived here for nearly three years now and I have repainted just about every room in the colors I like best.  But our basement and the stairwell leading to it are still the color the previous owners had painted it, what we’ll call new-house-off-white of the poorest quality.  It’s not resistant to dirt at all, and since we moved in with four kids we’ve proven that to be true.
Tired of the fingerprints, I finally did what I do when faced with a need for serious cleaning: I painted.  I wasn’t ready to paint the giant stairwell along with the main room of the basement to which it leads, so I used the shape of the odd wall to my advantage and painted just that part.  As you may know if you’ve read here before, I’m not shy about putting things on walls that don’t ordinarily go there:
This solution works well for me not only because it covers up the dirt that was there, but by using glossy acrylic craft paint for this project I’ve created a smooth surface that can easily be wiped down when my filthy-fingered kids pass that way.  If I don't get around to that for another three years, nobody will mind a little dirt on the grass or the stone wall anyway.
And I suppose that by creating this little cartoonish garden, I’ve now left my fingerprint on another corner of our home.


  1. That is beautiful! You are very artistic. Did you do that freehand????

  2. Thanks, Heidi! Yes, it was freehand. The flowers and grass I painted (cartoonish plantlife is very forgiving) and the stones I drew with pencil first and then filled in with paint. It was lots of fun to do.