June 18, 2011

Closed for the summer...

This past week we finished our school year and reclaimed the kitchen for solely non-educational purposes until the fall.  After ten years of homeschooling, we have found that the kitchen works best for us as command central for our schoolwork.  We read in the living room, we store extra school supplies in various corners of the house, but it’s in our kitchen where the white board hangs at the ready for explaining there, their, and they’re, working out math problems together, and sometimes just drawing silly pictures.  The kitchen offers us a smooth table for writing, bathrooms nearby, a pleasant window view of the birds, squirrels, and the occasional deer in our backyard for those whose eyes and minds are wandering, and hassle-free frequent coffee refills for me.  Crammed into a corner by our table we even have a bookshelf stuffed with our schoolbooks and other educational necessities.
This year’s books are put away now, and the bookshelf sits waiting for its fresh restocking in September, holding only art supplies for fun summer projects on it for now.  Always up for doing a makeover, no matter how small, I seized the opportunity with this end-of-the-school-year gutting to re-do the corner of the kitchen you see pictured here.  I moved a tired, formal, space-stealing china cabinet out of the room and gave my beloved whiteboard a more prominent and easy to see location surrounded by freshly painted picture frames and a knick-knack shelf.  This cheerful corner waits for the beginning of the next school year too, the white board in a rare clean and pristine state.
But this is only June, and we have more than two months to go before the shelf and the white board return to work from their summer hiatus.  I’ve decided to follow their lead and take the summer off here on this blog.  It will sit idly for a time, with old posts available, but with this as its front page until the start of the new school year.
So I leave you now with the immortal words of every teenager who ever signed a yearbook…
Have a great summer!  See you next year!


  1. I'll miss reading your posts! But, everyone needs a vacation. :)

  2. Just found your blog through Cafemom! (Love the name of your blog!!) We had a special room in our house for school, and one of our favorite things as children was to "redecorate" before the next school year books came in! I've been out of school for some time (ha!) and am not homeschooling my daughter, but sure do miss it!