June 4, 2011

A coordinated effort...


I continued my acrylic painting frenzy this week by giving identical twin kitchen stools a major makeover.  Dull and lifeless before, I chose to liven them up with three main colors: a pinkish red, citrus green and a cheerful yellow, as well as lightened versions of each, but also decided to place them differently on each stool.  If you’re going to do a makeover, don’t be timid.
Adding a little white to each of my three colors, I then brushed the paler version of each color lightly over the legs and rungs to give them the aged and beaten look I enjoy.
A firm believer that everything is prettier with flowers on it, I added these to the seats, but was sure to cover them with several coats of clear acrylic sealer so they will not be worn away with use.  (Yes, that's a Fruit Loop on the floor next to the green-topped stool.  Apparently I was too busy painting to clean well.)
As I looked at my finished product, I couldn’t help but think back to another lively duo in my kitchen a handful of years ago.  They too bore some resemblance to one another while maintaining their individuality, and looked perfectly sweet next to one another.  They are proof positive that adorable pairs don't have to be identical.

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  1. Your stools are so cute!! (But the babies are cuter!)