September 23, 2011


Out of necessity for the “about me” on this blog and for a “profile” picture on Facebook, I have grudgingly tried to find a photograph of me that won’t make people cringe and shake their heads in pity.  I am not photogenic.  Not funny-looking or anything, but simply not photogenic.
There are decent photographs of me in existence, but they are rare.  Usually the expression captured on my face resembles “does anybody else smell that” or “I’m confused”.  I had intended to share examples here with you, but my dignity and vanity seem to have gotten in the way.
The immeasurable number of shots required to produce one winner requires a time commitment beyond what I’m willing to ask of anyone who would point a camera my way.  Instead I’ve taken matters into my own hands.  I’m embarrassed to confess that on three separate occasions over the past year I have set up a timer on my camera, stuck it in front of me, pasted on an awkward smile, and attempted the most pathetic of do-it-yourself ventures.
My latest effort produced a mediocre picture with a dead-giveaway piece of evidence in it: the reflection of a tripod in my glasses.  And what’s worse, having taken it outdoors to go along with my corny blog title, I ended up with the downside of life at home in the Wilburness: poison oak all over my legs.
And then it hit me.  There was a better choice than the brutal results of photography.   I decided to use the work of a young artist who has captured me the way I want to be seen…
I may have a face only a daughter could love, but this is exactly who I am.

September 17, 2011

That was easy...

This was a spur of the moment project idea that took very little time and effort and made use of things I already had around.  Willfully ignoring the dirty dishes you see to the left, I first painted the backboard of an old picture frame a rich shade of teal...

...then I painted the frame a glossy white...

sorted some old buttons into groups of colors...

hot glued them in place...

...and hung the finished piece in the kitchen of my favorite fine dining establishment.  The owner and head chef has discriminating taste, so I'm grateful she was willing to display it there.

September 5, 2011

Old Mother Hubbard was tired of her cupboard...

With guts and gusto I have spruced up a pair of our plain oak kitchen cupboards.  These two are positioned separately from all the others and were functional but boring.  They were begging for a Cinderella moment.
I took them off their hinges to get started on their makeover.  With a couple coats of semi-gloss soft white as a background, the inner panel was ready to take on the floral design I had in mind.
Relatively mirror-imaged but maintaining a free-form feel, the flowers are in full bloom and have brought life to a previously dull corner of the kitchen.  I used glossy acrylic craft paint to give it durability as well as the shiny finish I prefer.  The speckles were easy to add by applying the various colors from my design with quick upright dabs using my older beaten-up paintbrushes.  The rougher the bristles, the better the speckles.
This project took just a handful of hours.  I had been thinking about doing it ever since we moved into our home three years ago.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.   All that Cinderella is missing now is some snazzy jewelry.  I plan to add cobalt blue jewel-like knobs to these and all the other cupboards.
I’m grateful to have something cheerful to look at as I tackle those never-ending dishes…

September 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

September is the first month of the year in my world, more suited to the job than its frigid and dreary friend January.  It’s the month of my birth nearly forty years ago, and I’ve spent the last thirty-five of them as either a student or teacher on a school schedule.
In preparation for a new decade of my life and a new school year my summer was filled with ruthless home organization, brainstorms of teaching ideas, easy homespun craft projects, lots of fun with my family along the way, and plans to keep it all up through the school year.  I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you.
Happy New Year!

This corner of the kitchen featured in the last post of last year
is all spruced up for the new year.
In this house, things don't stay the same color
or in the same place for long.