September 23, 2011


Out of necessity for the “about me” on this blog and for a “profile” picture on Facebook, I have grudgingly tried to find a photograph of me that won’t make people cringe and shake their heads in pity.  I am not photogenic.  Not funny-looking or anything, but simply not photogenic.
There are decent photographs of me in existence, but they are rare.  Usually the expression captured on my face resembles “does anybody else smell that” or “I’m confused”.  I had intended to share examples here with you, but my dignity and vanity seem to have gotten in the way.
The immeasurable number of shots required to produce one winner requires a time commitment beyond what I’m willing to ask of anyone who would point a camera my way.  Instead I’ve taken matters into my own hands.  I’m embarrassed to confess that on three separate occasions over the past year I have set up a timer on my camera, stuck it in front of me, pasted on an awkward smile, and attempted the most pathetic of do-it-yourself ventures.
My latest effort produced a mediocre picture with a dead-giveaway piece of evidence in it: the reflection of a tripod in my glasses.  And what’s worse, having taken it outdoors to go along with my corny blog title, I ended up with the downside of life at home in the Wilburness: poison oak all over my legs.
And then it hit me.  There was a better choice than the brutal results of photography.   I decided to use the work of a young artist who has captured me the way I want to be seen…
I may have a face only a daughter could love, but this is exactly who I am.

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  1. How funny--until I got to the poison oak part. Ugh! I love the hand drawn picture!